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Er. Sudhanshu Ranjan M.Tech (BIT Mesra) Principal

Teachers create gardens in their classroom. They grow “love, “hope, “Learning” and “joy. At The SANSKAR SCHOOL, the child is the nucleus of the entire teaching learning process. Here the teacher is a facilitor and an equal partner in the entire journey of a Every Possible quest for knowledge therefore we call them Mentors.
Every possible care is taken to ensure that our mentoring staff is of the highest possible quality in terms of dedication, talent and passion. The role of mentors extends much beyond classroom teaching. Mentors at SANSKAR are accessible to parents and students alike for one-to-one consulatations, are helpful in addressing individual educational needs and eager to help. The comparatively small size of each class enables our mentors to give enhanced attention to each student.


Dr. Umesh Prasad Director
आदर्श एवम् सुसंस्कारी पीढ़ी ही देश का भविष्य है।

The most unlikely events can be the most pleasant surprises. Like two perfectly settled and satisfied business professionals setting up a school. It was destined to be superlative, since profit was never a motive but passion was. Sri Umesh Prasad & Sri Dhrub Prasad, both accomplished professionals, had been nurturing a dream of a school where kids could just be kids and not rote machines, creativity is nurtured and not killed, no boundaries for learning  and trying new ideas and kids breathe in a free flowing, energized environment. It is a school 21st century where everyone is inspired to learn and come there because they love it and not because they have to.
Backed on dedication, quality, orientation, hard work and passion for education of the SANSKAR SCHOOL team, once a dream of just two people, is today, a large family comprising Children, Parents, Staff and Associates that is learning and growing by leaps and bounds. With several milestones covered & feathers to their cap the dream & expectations are now far beyond the horizon.

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